Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Decisions Coming My Way!

My suitcase is out and now I have a big dilemma to solve: how much clothes do I REALLY need for a one week trip to the South? Hey, Summer! Hey, Sunshine! You don't need to come to me. I will come to YOU! (although today is pretty stunning and surprisingly warm for a mid-September Montreal day.)

For somebody who loves to plan and is very organized, I'm really surprised that I have not started packing yet. We are leaving early in the morning tomorrow. All I've done is crowd a table with toiletries (half of which I probably do not need).

I have OPS: Over-Packing-Syndrome. I think it's a syndrome. When packing, something happens in my brain. Some sort of neurological message gets sent and I get this strong urge to stuff everything in the suitcase so that I have the luxury of choice when on vacation. "Luxury of Choice" goes hand-in-hand with "Heavy Suitcase Problem". And of course, "Heavy Suitcase Problem" results in carrying or dragging that heavy weight and then crossing your fingers hoping that you do not get an overweight surcharge. Not very luxurious.

Looking forward to the days where my biggest and most important decisions would be deciding whether to go to the beach or to the pool; to tan burn on my stomach or on my back; or choosing between a mojito or a daiquiri (or maybe one of those giant drinks that come in a coconut, por favor!)

Here is a wonderful song that will put anyone in a serene, summer mood. Just get yourself a nice drink (maybe a Mojito? Recipe below), hit play, sit back and enjoy the little journey.
See you all in a week!

Makes 4 servings


- 40 fresh mint leaves
- 2 limes, cut into 4 wedges
- 1/2 c white sugar (or Splenda. It dissolves better)
- 4 cups of ice cubes
- 3/4 cup white rum
- 2 cups club soda or carbonated water



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