Wednesday, May 07, 2014

... and with a smile.

Hello dear readers. Here I am! Magically making another appearance after my recurring and not-so-impressive disappearing acts. As I have previously mentioned, life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging time. As the days pass and the intermission between my posts become longer and longer, I ask myself how I cannot seem to find the time to blog. I don't even have kids yet! How can I not find time?!?! 

Life is not only getting in the way of my blogging time; life is also getting in the way of life. For example, every year, during the weeks creeping up to Easter and Christmas/New Year's, I get in super-housewife-mode. I create a menu, make a cooking schedule and spend hours in the kitchen (sometimes flirting with the idea of moving my bed to the kitchen as well). This year, I had only squiggled a few items on a half-ripped piece of paper. I threw that piece of paper away a few days before Easter knowing that I must surrender and still asking myself where the time had gone.

Do not get me wrong; I am very aware that I am not a ridiculously busy person (although one would be very surprised to know how time-consuming wedding planning is). I see so many people who juggle many more difficult things than I do and I always ask myself how they do it. 

Judge me if you will but one of my biggest desires as a child was not to become a singer, actress, astronaut, etc. I wanted to be a great housewife. I wanted to be like Martha Stewart (minus the whole scandal that landed her time in jail). I wanted to set tables like her, throw exquisite dinner parties like her and, most of all, do it all with a smile and make it seem effortless. 

Today, my biggest desire is not be a housewife (although there is nothing wrong with that); it is to be successful at everything I do. So here I am, trying to be Martha Stewart-esque at home, Hillary Clinton-esque at work, a top wedding planner during the time in between, a blogger...  I am striving to be the woman who can do it all... effortlessly and with a smile. 

That said, I have learned that "effortless" is merely a perception. Nothing is effortless. Even things you enjoy doing (like blogging!) require effort, perseverance and hard work. So, I have decided to face life (with all its challenges, with all its time constraints and with all its glory) head on. I will do it all... effortFULLY and always with a smile.

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